When first starting out in the game, there are a few quests a player has to complete to get familiarised with the different features of the game. Each goal needs to be completed in order to unlock the next goal.

Here is a brief list of what we call the Tutotial Quests:

  • Quest:Conquest Mode!
Description: In conquest mode, you earn a point for every conquest square your units occupy at the start of each round. The first warband to reach 5 points (100 or 200 PV) or 10 points (500 PV) is the winner!
  • Goal 1: Visit the Challenge Hall
  • Goal 2: Start a new conquest match
  • Goal 3: Win a conquest match
  • Confirm E-mail!
Description: Check your email to validate the E-mail address and win Gold!
  • Goal 1: Confirm your E-mail address