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App Release Dates:Edit

  • Mid-November: for iOS app store users (iPad 2 and above) in Canada only.
  • End of January 2013 (est. date Jan 24th): for Kongregate, Facebook and iOS users worldwide.

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About the gameEdit

Warbands is a turn-based D&D miniatures strategy game set in the Forgotten Realms. You can select one of four factions and hundreds of different fighting units and fight other players to ensure victory for his side and maintain control of Zhentil. A single player campaign allows players to practice their tactics and unlock new units. There is also an online mutliplayer battle mode, among other features.


Though Zhentil Keep has lain in ruins for nearly a century, its strategic location and rumors of hidden power have drawn the interest of four mighty factions.

The Zhentarim, an evil and tyrannical society that once ruled Zhentil Keep, have at last returned. Bolstered by legions of goblinoids and undead, they are determined to reclaim their former power.

Having learned of the conflict, the Harpers, sworn protectors of liberty and natural order, joined the fight. Commanding creatures of the wild, they seek to prevent the forces of evil and tyranny from taking root.

Finally, the proud Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr have arrived to eradicate their ancient enemy, the Zhentarim, at any cost. To this end, they have forged an unlikely alliance with a confederacy of giants, and now call themselves the Dragons of Dawn.

The stage is set. The tyrannical Zhentarim, the savage Border Horde, the virtuous Harpers, the militant Dragons of Dawn, Which path will you choose?


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